Total amount raised for our local community in 2021

$6,547 raised so far - $5,000 Goal

What is Route 264?

The meaning behind the name is part of the fun, it is more enjoyable to us when someone knows or figures it out.  But feel free to ask us when you see us and we would be more than happy to explain where it came from.

As for who we are or what we do… we are just a group of guys that enjoy cooking and end up volunteering at a lot of local events such as the swim club, sporting events at local schools, festivals, outings, whatever it might be.  So we figured, let’s just put a name to it so people will eventually know who will be cooking or grilling and maybe they will start to expect a certain kind of food when they know who will be making it.

We have since then started to cater some small events and are having fun doing that as well!  We are no experts, we are just having fun as we go and enjoy creating different things or making some local favorites.

Don’t worry Jim, we will take a better picture of the group someday…

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